Welcome to TIAT -approved by Easa

  • Established in March 2006, Thakur Institute of Aviation Technology (TIAT) is committed to render quality technical education & strives to improve its effectiveness by taking relevant measures. To make learning a delightful experience , the institute provides the best infrastructure facilities matched by equally competent teaching faculty & a right academic ambience.
    TIAT has set upon itself a responsibility of providing quality comparable to international standards and preparing students for aviation industry. To meet the quality assurance requirement, institute has opted for ISO 9001:2008 from BSI (British Standard Institution). To ensure quality education, management is committed to render quality technical education & is striving continually to improve its effectiveness by taking relevant measures.

    TIAT is EASA approved institute in India.

  • Mission

    To make TIAT a pioneer in the global aviation industry.


    Shaping future aviators with a commitment for development of the individual and enrich our world.

  • * EASA’s Technical Training aims to achieve and maintain the highest possible levels of competency, and to remain current on the latest developments in aviation safety.
    * The Agency promotes the highest common standards of safety and environmental protection in civil aviation in Europe and worldwide. It is the centerpiece of a new regulatory system, which provides for a single European market in the aviation industry.
    * EASA approves maintenance training organizations in states other than member states of EU.
    The European Aviation safety Agency also carries out executive responsibilities in the area of type-certification: the certification of specific models of aircraft, engine or parts approved for operation in the European Union. The aviation industry benefits from common specifications, cost-efficient services and a single point of contact.

    The Agency is developing close working relationship with counterpart organization across the world including the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States and the aviation authorities of Canada, Brazil, Israel, China and Russia. Working arrangements between the agency and these organizations are aimed at harmonizing standers and promoting best practice in aviation safety world-wide.

  • EASA certified

    EASA certified

    Growing with our mission, TIAT is now approved by EASA. EASA is the European Union Authority in aviation safety. The organisation develops common aviation safety and environmental rules for approved organisations and across EU Member states.Established in 2002, EASA enjoys over 10 years in operation.
    *An EASA Certified candidate gets a greater opportunity for career growth at aircraft manufactures, repair stations and airlines in the US and abroad.
    * Also there is greater chances of obtaining employment globally.

  • Our Partner

    Our Partner

    TIAT takes immense pleasure to inform that we are in partner with Academy Aerotechnical. Academy Aerotechnical is one of the leading providers of EASA Part-147, Part-145 and Part-66 training courses based in the UK with a formidable team of professionals.

Actual Environmental Training

Thakur Institute of Aviation Technology is committed to giving you a hands-on practical experience on a LIVE AIRCRAFT in a real maintenance environment. It has an arrangement with India’s leading airlines and MRO’s for providing an actual environmental training to the students.

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